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KFI endorses camel’s p*ss

Fighting has broken out inside several zoos as young people strive to get their hands on a new energy drink. Camels have reportedly been traumatised by youths demanding to have their lifestyles re-hydrated with the elixir of life.

YouTube influencers, KFI and Logan Paul, have endorsed dromedary urine, which they say is the secret of their eternal youth. Although not yet scientifically proven, ‘Hump’ is said to boost IQ and make you less stupider.

The price of Hump has skyrocketed, with bottles offered on eBay for £10,000. Zoos are restricting sales to three bottles per customer. Hump comes in three flavours – Straw & Hay, Oaty McCamel Face, and Camel Toe Punch.

Image from Pixabay by taniadimas

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