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Labour to make 'Sound of silence' their campaign anthem

Labour intern Marianne Morrison said 'All Labour need to win the next election is watch the Tories punch themselves in the face, shoot themselves in the foot and roundhouse kick themselves in the groin. That is unless the AI that powers Keir Starmer suddenly announces he's really into dogging. We have to have a plan.'

Morrison opened the viewing window to a soundproof room, where a suited man sat in an armchair, wearing a VR headset.

'It's the Manchurian Candidate meets the Truman Show. Keir-isma believes he's running a vigorous campaign, meeting real people and taking the tough questions from Kuenssberg. However that is only happening in virtual reality. In actual reality, we're keeping him safe in this room, tucked away from the nasty electorate and real world gaffes.'

'We say nothing, do nothing and promise nothing. Starmer-bot for the win!'

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