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Liz Truss "forgotten" where she's MP for

Former PM and alternative lettuce, Liz Truss has admitted that she's forgotten where she's the MP for.

"Of course I'd know it if I saw it, it's just slipped my mind.", explained Ms Truss. "A mix of lefty-lawyers, the Marxist 1922 Committee, the Treasury and civil service and everyone I've met have combined to deliberately distract me from less important details such as where my constituency is."

People living in her constituency have a different take on the situation. "For god's sake, don't tell her; we've been trying to keep her out of here for years." said Ron Jenkins of, never you mind.

Ms Truss is still trying to remember and said she had narrowed it down to Singapore or Narnia - "in the period of continual winter, before the lefty Pevensie children deposed the heroic queen."

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