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Manhunt launched after used batteries found in wheelie bin

Police in three counties have issued arrest warrants for Gavin Stephens of Penge after 2 AA batteries were discovered in a wheelie bin by the local refuse collection operatives in Cavendish Road at around 7:40 am on Friday.

Stephens, 35, who has a previous conviction for speeding, is believed to be on the run. Police have warned the public not to approach him, not because he is dangerous, but because he is a loud mouthed know-it-all who claims exploding batteries are nothing but a myth, and will bore the trousers off anyone who'll listen.

The recovered batteries are currently in the hands of forensic scientists who have confirmed that the batteries are AA in size and are beginning to leak that acid stuff, which could be dangerous, and, even if not, it's probably best not to lick it.

Police have erected a tent outside a house in Penge, and removed several items including a TV remote with no batteries but traces of corrosion inside.

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