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Mobsters to adopt Boots ‘3 for 2’ extortion racket

Mobsters have announced a brand new extortion racket, following intensive analysis of the Boots ‘3 for 2’ Christmas promotion.

Mafia families across the globe have spent the last few months in the aisles of Boots stores across the UK observing what they are now describing as one of the most lucrative and perfectly constructed means of extracting money that they have ever seen.

‘The basic grift goes like this’, explained Micky Fingers from the Miami-based Cabrini family. ‘You convince the customer to buy one thing which is massively overpriced and then bundle it up with another thing of even less value.’

‘Then you offer them a third thing of negative value - like a Ted Baker bottle opener or some garish socks with ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ written on them - and ba-da-bing - you’re printing money.’

‘They must have intimidating enforcers on the doors at Boots’, continued Cabrini. ‘How else could you explain why someone would pay £15 for 3 small ‘beers of the world’ that you could get in Tesco for a fiver?’

‘When we saw the miniature Nando’s hot sauce with a little oil drizzler bottle packaged up for £20, it took our breath away’ continued Cabrini. ‘In terms of pure extortion, it’s a thing of beauty.’

Mobsters still have some work to do before they can rollout the scheme, as they are struggling to work out the complex extortion ratios that result when the 3 for 2 offers are discounted by 66% on Boxing Day.


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