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NASA can see Brexit f$ckup from space

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

So large is the mess that Boris Johnson has caused, that astronauts claims that it can be seen from space – alongside Kim Kardashian’s butt and James Corden’s ego. The pile of errors dwarfs the Great Wall of China and is being likened to a bigger disaster than Donald Trump’s marriage vows.

NASA confirmed that the size of the cockup was still growing: ‘It’s almost as if someone was feeding it – like a Gremlin after midnight. One second, it’s a cute Mogwai and the next its Liz Truss on steroids’,

A government spokesperson was at pains to point out that there was nothing to see, other than oceans of raw sewage and no food: ‘For those that say the nation is on fire, I say, that seems unlikely given that there’s no fuel’.

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