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NASA dismisses claims they sent rockets to the moon years ago as wild conspiracy theories

NASA Director of Rocket Science, Hank Eagleburger, has called out social media trolls who have attacked the agency for forgetting they’d already been to the moon.

Following the launch of a brand new $384bn rocket, Instagram and Tik Tok were swamped with thousands of photographs detailing six missions to the moon which supposedly occurred almost fifty years ago. These include several pictures of an astronaut called Neil Armstrong playing golf and several alleged moon rocks roughly the size of peas.

‘Everyone knows these photos are one giant hoax for mankind,’ growled Eagleburger at a press conference he called this morning. ‘Why the heck would we be going back to a place we’d already been?’

He said there was simply no evidence to support the theorist’s claims. Extensive carbon testing and state-of-the-art scanning techniques had proved beyond all reasonable doubt that the so-called moon rocks were, in fact, actual peas.

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