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Nation stunned: "Johnson has an ethics advisor?"

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Britain is reeling to the shock news that Boris Johnson has an ethics advisor.

David Icke, paused during a book signing of "Prince Phillip was a Wizard the Queen is a Lizard" explained it. "I could believe 5G causes baldness, Prince Andrew is an alien or Australia is a hoax, but this. Someone tells me Boris Johnson has advice on ethics and I'm not having it."

The Ethics advisor himself, Lord Christopher Geidt, is modest about his position. "It's actually a fairly easy job; I simply send the same memo every day which says - 'Whatever you're thinking of doing, do the opposite.' It's not my fault that he ignores it."

Mr Johnson when asked about his ethics advisor replied; "Actually, I know where Essex is - I want to build an airport on top of it."

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