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Netanyahu “just stomping on kittens now”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu is “just stomping on kittens now”, according to seasoned Israel watchers.

Having failed to provoke outrage from Israel’s US backers by attacking hospitals in Gaza, killing charity workers or even taking out Iranian officials in Damascus, Netanyahu is said to be wondering just how far he can go before his funding and weapons supplies might be threatened.

Sure enough, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken protested only in the mildest possible terms, saying he was hoping to see “less of a disconnect” between Netanyahu’s stated care and love of kittens and the “mountains of mutilated feline bodies we’re all seeing on the evening news”.

Asked what action he would take if Netanyahu didn’t cease the kitten stomping, Blinken said he wasn’t ruling out making an even more strongly worded statement in future. For his part, Netanyahu said he welcomed all these statements, as he was using the paper to wipe the congealed blood and fur off the soles of his Doc Martens.

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