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Office workers enthralled as colleague tells them how hot it is for the 500th time

A group of office workers at Pointless Plastics in Wolverhampton has been hanging onto every word uttered by their colleague Susan Obvious, as she repeatedly tells them how hot it is.

Admin Assistant Jenny Crump said, 'I’m so happy that Susan keeps telling us how hot it is. She mentions it at least once every five minutes, but it’s always worth hearing again.'

Receptionist Emma Flaps added, 'It’s great that we can rely on Susan to keep us informed about how hot it is. My blouse is wringing wet with sweat and it’s sticking to my back, but if Susan hadn’t kept mentioning how hot the weather is today, I wouldn’t have understood why.'

Office manager David Drear said, 'If it wasn’t for Susan’s frequent comments about how hot it is, I would never have figured out why sweat is pouring down my face, and my glasses have started to melt. I’m so glad Susan keeps drawing my attention to the heat.'

Finance Officer John Belch said, 'Thank goodness Susan keeps letting us know how hot it is. I couldn’t understand why my arse was sweating so much that the seat of my chair looks like I’ve p*ssed myself, but whenever Susan points out the fact that it's very hot today, it all makes sense.'

Susan’s colleagues are now eagerly waiting for her to come back from her lunch break, so she can tell them how hot it is outside.


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