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Oil production cuts dangerous - for our profits, say oil companies

If the world is a junkie, its dealer would be the oil companies.

When the junkie tries to get clean, the dealer is there: 'Oh you don't want to do that. Too difficult. The technology isn't there yet. No point with China and India still using. Recycle your coffee cups. That's right. Now I've got some new Saudi stuff, top of the line, sort you right out.'

'Those nasty Just Stop Oil protesters, stopping you getting your fix. It's the 3rd world that will suffer most, so we can ignore that. Besides, if you're rich when humanity finally burns, then you have won the global race! Congratulations! Also your carbon based bodies are already forming the basis for future oil company profits and shareholder dividends.'

'Hakuna metata - it means no worries for the rest of your days. Even though there might not be that many of them. It's the circle. The circle of life.'

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