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Police called in after BBC accusations

The police have been called in after allegations have been aired on the BBC in relation to a certain unnamed political party.

The broadcaster has suggested that the party has indulged in bribery, corruption, cronyism, sexual harassment, drunkenness, drug taking, criminal economic incompetence, criminal stupidity, hypocrisy, racism, lying to Parliament, homophobia, xenophobia and judging by the behaviour of the vast majority of members, hydrophobia.

The Twittersphere is in meltdown whilst people try to work out who the political party is. Already the Whigs and the Monster Raving Loony parties have denied it is them and have threatened legal action.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, MP Andrea Leadsom said ‘The BBC would do well to put its’ own house in order before making baseless accusations. And I would remind the Corporation of two little words – ‘Licence’ and ‘Fee’.

Meanwhile at New Scotland Yard Captain Renault briefed the media on the case. “You would think that after over 13 years of resignations, arrests and convictions these hardened reprobates would have learned their lessons – but alas no”. He sighed wearily and concluded “Round up the usual suspects”.

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