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Portugal to have traditional sex festival

Because Portugal doesn't have enough national holidays and festivals going on throughout the year, Portuguese Tourism has voted unanimously to add a festival of fornication to the calendar.

'I was in a meeting to work out what more we could do to entice visitors,' said Roberto Sousa, head of Tourism Portugal. 'A colleague pointed out that there was a week in the year when we didn't already have some sort of celebration taking place.

'Previously we had already figured out what people like and concocted ancient festivals around those things. You know, a wine festival, a rum festival, a flower festival, a food festival, and a crypto currency festival.

'But then we realised that there is something else which people like, and like to spend money on. We're going to call it the Traditional Sex Festival, and leave it up to tourists and locals alike to decide for themselves whether the festival is traditional, or whether the sex should be traditional.'

The festival will take place in the third week of May, and run all the way through to June the following year, every year forever more.

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