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Ref’s vanishing spray is whipped cream, claims Webb

FIFA super-ref and occasional Manchester United squad member Howard Webb has revealed the new ‘vanishing spray’ he has been issued with for this year’s World Cup to help make free kicks fairer, is indistinguishable from whipped cream, and just as tasty.

‘I’ve been sent ten cans of the stuff, and my three kids love it on donuts, while my wife and I enjoy it immensely on a cup of hot chocolate. So far with no ill effects - except that now, everyone keeps ten yards away from me,’ he quipped.

Apart from being delicious, use of the spray has attracted some controversy, after Japanese referee Yuichi Nishimura used it to draw a number of penises on the Sao Paulo pitch at various points during the Brazil-Croatia game.

Nishimura faces disciplinary action if, as some have suggested, a dreadful late sliding challenge from a Croatian defender on Neymar was influenced by him writing ‘Kick me’ on the Brazilian’s back, 15 seconds before.

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