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Rejected titles for Liz Truss' book

1. All Trussed up and nowhere to go

2. It Kwasn't me

3. Number 10 and others I can count to

4. Pork Markets: A beginners guide

5. Oops what am I like?

6. I, robot

7. Economy 111

8. I am Frumparella

9. How to achieve the Thousand Yard Stare in five easy stages.

10. Cognitive Dissonance: the Early Years

11. All's well that ends

12. 10 Chapters to Save My Career

13. Never Mind What I Did, What About China eh?

14. Bhodi Liz's Journey To The Occident

15. You Need To Hear From Me Again. Yes You Do.

16. Chief Executive, or Lord High Executioner. Reasons why I didnt bring back Hanging, for financial mismanagement

Contributions from and hat tips to: Lockjaw, Deskpilot, Sirlupus, Rowly

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