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Sauron believed ready to cross the house

Following the latest Conservative MP, Natalie Elphick, to cross the house to join Labour other high-profile Tories have agreed to enter into discussions with the Labour Party, with a view to crossing the floor.

'Sir Keir Starmer is indeed in conversation with some notable Tory MPs,' confirmed a spokesman today.  'Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg is hoping to become the shadow trans spokesperson, Jonathan Gullis would love to be the shadow minister for common sense and Sir Keir agrees that Michael Gove is multi-faceted.  In fact, everybody agrees on that point,' he said.

A spokesperson for Suella Braverman has denied that she is considering joining Labour as 'it is looking way too right wing' for her.

Rumours that recently deposed MP for Mordor, Sauron, was considering joining the Labour team in time for the next election as their candidate for Middle Earth have been downplayed, though.  A spokes-orc for Sauron said, 'Sauron sees himself more of a Lib Dem type of guy.'

Photo by Douglas Bagg on Unsplash

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