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Should the Post Office have adhered to some sort of 'postal code'?

Although other organisations operating on behalf of the state are subject to the laws of the state, the Post Office is subject to its own specific set of laws. This begs the question whether oversight was an oversight, and in what kind of state is the state?

A senior Post Office manager without a leg left to stand on said, 'There is absolutely nothing to hide. The Post Office has been clear and open throughout, and if you don't believe me, just ask our Covert Team in Bracknell.

'Although, you can't actually ask them, of course. Partly because we've always wanted the Covert Team in Bracknell to remain covert, and partly because we openly called them covert. Which makes perfect nonsense, when you think about it.'

For the record, the senior manager was in post before the scandal, remained in post throughout the scandal, but will probably not be in post post-Post Office.

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05 de abr.

Going Postal? "Going postal' means becoming uncontrollably angry, often in a violent way."

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