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Sir Graham Brady seeks internet advice about his phone

The word on the street is that the Chair of the 1922 Committee has spent much of the day on the Internet trying to find out how to stop his phone beeping every time a Tory MP emails to tell him they have no confidence in the PM.

His secretary attempted trying to turn notification sounds off, but unfortunately ended up changing the notification sound to Boris Bop and somehow turning the volume up to full. Neither of them know how this happened, or how to reset the phone without him losing all his contacts. Apple has offered to assist, but they're asking for more than the national debt to do it.

Every text comes with several more, asking if he'd received the original, and inbetween this, the phone is continually ringing with calls from the whips, demanding to know how close Sir Graham is to the 54 letters.

We called Graham Brady to check on the veracity of this story and get a comment from him, but regret we are unable to publish his comment due to legal obscenity restrictions.

Media Social Apps - Free photo on Pixabay

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