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Starmer & Sunak rush to complete poppy side-quest

In order to unlock the PM2025 skin, players of democracy need to complete a series of arbitrary tasks, each more pointless than the next. The primary quest-giver is Rupert Murdoch, who will send the adventurers on a journey into the bowels of his bowels.

Although it has no direct bearing of the main quest of saving the UK, by collecting 1000 poppies a politician can get themselves 10 Daily Mail stars. These stars can be traded in for a variety of racist powers, such as the dogwhistle, the white hood and the top tier 'rivers of blood' spell.

Said one wannabee PM: 'It can feel like a grind but I've been collecting poppies since October. And the one who gets the most gets to have all the wars they want.'

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