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Student Masterchef, Episode One.

Andi Oliver (for it is she) meets the chefs.

AO: Hello, Gareth. What are you preparing for us tonight?

Gareth: A classic with a twist, Andi. Haricots sur pain grillé avec doigts de poisson.

AO (fanning herself): Interesting combination!

Gareth: Yes a mixture of taste and texture.

AO: Sounds like a winner. Now Darren what have you to offer?

Darren: Reheated Kebab de la nuit dernière soused in Henderson Relish.

AO: Fine local produce. Kylie?

Kylie: Granola moins lait avec céleri.

AO: A rather spartan meal idea there, Kylie.

Kylie: S'all I can afford.

AO: Finally, Geoffrey?

Geoffrey: Loin of Greg Wallace cooked sous vide, marinated in his own piss.

AO: Tangy. Well, chefs start cooking

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