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Sunak’s PR team arrange for him to pick a fight in a pub

The latest PR stunt to persuade the public that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is a man of the people has involved him threatening to fight someone in the Dog and Duck public house. Mr Sunak reportedly sunk six pints of strong lager and then demanded he was next on the pool table despite the three coins already down. Witnesses however said his performance was about as convincing as Joe Pasquale’s impression of Brian Blessed, and everyone just ignored him.

This attempt to represent Mr Sunak as normal follows him supposedly sending his personal congratulations to Luke Humphries, a man he’d never previously heard of, winning at darts, a game he’s never played, in a televised tournament he’s never watched.

Prior to that, the Prime Minister was seen at a Premier League football match where the manager of the team he allegedly supports didn’t want to meet him. The PR team however did an excellent job of editing the footage so that nobody heard the fans chanting ‘The referee’s a Sunak’.

Further events are planned in which the Prime Minister will attempt to underline his ordinary man credentials by buying a takeaway sausage roll from Greggs, doing the weekly shop in Morrisons and visiting a bookies to put an each-way bet on a horse in the Grand National. When asked whether Rishi Sunak really was a man of the people, one of his PR team said, ‘Of course he’s not, but it is good fun winding him up by telling him he is and then making the stupid stunt do these stupid stunts.’

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