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Surplus UK vaccine to be loaded into super soakers

Although the majority of the third world is being devastated by the Covid pandemic, the UK government has decided that the people of Britain would rather we kept the shitload we over ordered for ourselves. Even the dodgy one that doesn't work as well.

Some spokestwat for the government explained, 'As poor foreign people die unnecessary agonising deaths across the globe, Boris and his chums felt that the only right and decent course of action was to not let them have one drop of vaccine.

'Our finger right on the pulse of absolutely the entire peoplethings of Britain told us that what you all want is for the UK to stick two fingers up to everyone else and rub it in their faces.

'Given that unshakeable truth, all of the excess vaccine we have will be poured into super soakers and we're going to have a Great British end of summer epic water pistol battle down the park.'

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