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“This is not who we are” says Irish PM who’s evidently never been to Ireland

Taoiseach of Ireland Leo Varadkar has expressed his horror at the recent rioting in Dublin, saying “This is not who we are”. This has led some to wonder whether he has ever visited the country he runs.

“Just because we’re so prone to violence that the country next door can’t vote to leave the EU without us kicking off, that doesn’t mean we’re in any way prone to violence. Nor should people read anything into the fact that communities in the north of the island have to have a ‘peace wall’ down the middle so the residents don’t kill each other.

“None of this explains the utterly unprecedented and baffling outbreak of violence in Dublin last night. Is it any wonder the Gardai didn’t know how to respond to a problem they never in a million years expected to face?”

He went on to say that the Irish had no great love of Guinness, betting on horses or the colour green, and that shops in Dublin definitely weren’t full of mugs and tea towels with leprechauns on them.

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