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Tomatoes decide to ripen after all

Some green tomatoes which had decided on the first of September that they would remain unripe have changed their minds due to the week of warm sunshine ahead.

Spokes-tomato Graham Delight said: 'At the start of meteorological autumn we had a bit of discussion and decided throughout the vine that we’d be remaining verdurous. There was some dissent in the ranks, and I suggested that anyone desperate to be red as a Prime Minister who has cut the budget for school repairs could hang about with the bananas or avocados in the hope of being ethylene gassed into their desired tone.

'However, yesterday was so un-Autumn like that we’ve had a rethink. I myself am ripening from the inside out and expect to be a glossy scarlet hue by Wednesday. The other fruits are enjoying the brightness and by the weekend could slip into a salad or grace the top of a lasagne.'

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash


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