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Tory MP told he cannot take sombrero into Commons

The Speaker of the House of Commons has told a Conservative MP he cannot take his sombrero into the House during late night sittings.

The MP was spotted trying to smuggle a large hat into the chambers late on Friday night. Although there are no actual rules forbidding the wearing of hats in the Commons, the Speaker said MPs should dress in a business-like manner and a sombrero was not considered appropriate attire for the occasion.

When asked why he wanted to take a sombrero into the Commons, the MP said it was a personal matter and he was not at liberty to divulge his reasons. But it definitely was not to hide erections.

Then, in a classic Conservative u-turn, the MP did let slip that he had been told by a fellow Tory MP that if he was thinking about getting a head in the Commons, he should seriously think about getting a hat.

'It was something along those lines... although to be fair he was wearing a ball-gag at the time'.

Image from Pixabay by fotshot

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