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Trump file on President Macron leaked

The FBI recently retrieved various documents from Donald Trump’s Florida residence, Mar-a-Lago. These included files on the French President, Emmanual Macron. Hackers claim to have accessed these files and have uploaded the contents on the website WackyLeaks.

Here is an extract from the top secret research – allegedly -

My notes on Emmanuel Girly Name Macron

1. He is named after a cake, who does that?

2. He has nice hair – must ask him about that

3. He likes to eat frog’s legs, but not frog balls or other frog parts

4. Doesn’t eat freedom fries

7. Likes wine – maybe take him some Californian Zinfandel?

5. His supporters wear yellow vests – must be a fashion thing

8. Submarines are a difficult subject. Don’t eat a ham and cheese sub in front of him.

9. Calls the English channel ‘the sleeve’ for some reason

10. Tough on asylum seekers - sends them all to the UK

9b. His party is called En Marche, which means In the Swamp

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