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Turmeric under unreasonable pressure to fix all ailments

Jars of turmeric are feeling the pressure from people who read adverts in magazines uncritically to sort out their dodgy back, stop them going bald, help them see better in the dark and restore their libido to that of a teenager.

A jar of turmeric sighed, ‘We can make things yellow and taste a bit spicy but we’ve got no proof we can do all the other stuff and it’s embarrassing us. We don’t want to waste people’s money. There is no good evidence that we have these health benefits. We’d love to be able to say we’re a wonder cure for anything that ails you but we most probably aren’t. Admittedly it’s much, much easier to buy some pills made of us after seeing an ad in your gardening magazine than it is to see your GP and get some drugs which have been tested in clinical trials and approved for use in the NHS. We won’t do you any harm but any good we do is likely to be coincidence and wishful thinking. Enjoy our jolly bright colour and our taste though and we hope you feel better soon’.

Image from Pixabay by NirmalSarkar

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