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Ukraine invasion latest: no end to people smugly tagging everything #SlavaUkraini in sight

As the conflict in Ukraine continues to rage buzzkills across the land are still tagging their every banal utterance with #SlavaUkraini in a prolonged battle of social media oneupmanship. Despite said tagging having as much effect on the outcome of the war as the concept of morality has on a Cabinet minister’s behaviour.

‘I just want people to know that I care,’ local keyboard warrior Brooke White said. ‘And that I literally care more than literally anyone else.’ Stopping only to tweet “Am I the only person who remembers when Freddos cost 10p? #SlavaUkraini she went on to say. ‘I like to search for the word ‘Kiev’ so I can accuse the people who’ve used it instead of ‘Kyiv’ of racism. And at Christmas I tweeted a picture of my dinner on a blue and yellow plate and added #makesyouthink #SlavaUkraini. There’s a war on. Constantly aiming for the moral high ground with two words in a language I can’t speak used in a country I can’t find on a map is my way of fighting. Is it harder than actual fighting in the actual war? That’s not for me to say but yes, it absolutely is.’

When asked why if she was so passionate about Ukraine she didn’t donate to the Red Cross or sign up to host a refugee Brooke quickly ended the conversation in disgust saying that there was such a thing as going too far.

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