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Unconfirmed reports of clue spotted in Downing Street

Reports circulating this morning that a clue was spotted going through the front door of Downing Street so far remain unconfirmed with several government ministers unable to shed any light on the matter.

Michael Gove said: 'I know the Prime Minister has been desperate to have a clue at his disposal recently but having spent quite a considerable time in his company I certainly haven't seen any evidence of one.'

Health Secretary Steve Barclay speaking to the BBC was guarded: 'A clue? Err... no... I don't think so.'

While former minister, Chris Grayling, spotted shopping for a cement mixer in his local Tesco said: 'No good asking me. I wouldn't know what a clue was if one wearing a t-shirt saying - hello, I'm a clue - bit me on the arse.'

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