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Uxbridge By-Election Candidate List

Cameron Nobody - Independent

Count Binface - At This Rate We’re Going To Win Party

Piers Corbyn - Unthinkable Love Child Party

Laurence Fox - Reclaim Credibility Party

Chester Aubergine - Social Democratic (Same Manifesto Different Name) Party

Ed Gemmell - Sod The Economy & Welfare State We’re Just Interested In The Climate Party

Sarah Green - Blue Peter Party

Kingsley Hamilton - Financial Times

Richard Hewison - Rejoin EU (Another F#@king Referendum) Party

Boris Johnson - Official Monster Raving Loony Party

77 Joseph - Which AI Doombot Party

Rebecca Jane - UKIP Timewarp Party

Loretta - People’s Front of Judea

Leo Phaure - Daily Mail White Residence Rat-Catching Party

Ivor De’Ath-Whyshe - Conservative Party

Richard Pryor - None Of The Above

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