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Viewers angry as journalist fails to describe German team as ‘clinical’

An unnamed sports journalist at the BBC is subject to an internal investigation after complaints were received that a description of the German team’s performance against Hungary didn’t include the words, ‘clinical’ or ‘like a machine’.

Viewers watching the game were treated to words like ‘creative’ and ‘inspired’ and the lack of descriptions based on continuously reinforced, fatuous and xenophobic clichés left fans feeling angry and confused. One viewer said “It made me think I was watching the ballet” another said “He clearly knows nothing about football. He should be more like Jason Cundy.” Other viewers were more forthright with one saying “this is just typical of the wokerati deepstate trying to turn our children gay”

With the German team not being described as ‘efficient’ many fans reported that their basic understanding of the universe had been obliterated with some experiencing feelings of being dislocated in space and time and questioning the meaning of their own existence. This has led to more call for the BBC license fee to be cancelled.

It is unclear what caused the journalist at the centre of the investigation to do this, sources at the BBC say bosses are quietly making plans to transfer him to Gardeners Question Time.

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