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'We need to let Truss have a go and see how she does' agrees never in better shape environment

The general consensus is that Prime Minister Liz Truss - stop giggling at the back - should be allowed the time and the latitude to see how she does. There is simply no way to tell how someone will do in a senior role by examining how badly they performed in more junior roles. That's not a thing.

Pilots are always allowed to take control of passenger jetliners having crashed both training prop planes and somehow broken the simulator. You never know, they might get their third landing right. Or at least have a PR team explain why the cabin is a bit flamey, and insist that screaming and dying is perfectly normal on any flight.

She has clearly proven herself at the Environment Office, because our brown and pleasant land has never been in better shape. And since her time at the Foreign Office, other countries have earned a new respect for Britain which has manifested in unprecedented levels of pointing and laughing.

The Crown Prosecution Service are not all on indefinite strike due to extreme under-funding, they're out to give a warm welcome to their brilliant former Justice Secretary. And it is only because of her magnificent work in both International Trade and as Chief Secretary to the Treasury that the national economy is healthy and everyone is so well-off.

Anyway, by far the best thing to do is to install a prime minister who her own MPs generally don't want, who isn't Conservative voters' top choice, who voted against the Brexit she's now all for, who started her political career with another party, and who follows the fashion of forgetting their own name. Isn't that right, Mary Truss?

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