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Welcome relief for flood victims as Baroness Mone pledges use of a yacht

There was welcome relief for stranded flood victims this morning after Baroness Mone pledged the use of one of her yachts. With over 121 flood warnings still in place across the UK the Baroness’s generosity could not come at a better time.

Despite the pledge only covering Conservative held constituencies in the south of England the gesture still highlights the caring side of the much maligned peer said GBNews anchor Jake ReeMogg. The yacht - named the PeePeeEnterprise or PPE for short - will start ferrying fee paying passengers later today.

Baroness Mone said she bough the yacht in order to protect her family from press intrusion but was prepared to see it used to help out distressed Tory voters who could afford to be rescued.

‘Since being awarded over £200m by the Government to supply the NHS with essential medical equipment via my bra and knicker company my life has been a living hell’ Mone told Mr.ReeMogg ‘I sometimes wish I was not a multi-millionaire peer living in a tax haven….but that is something I have to deal with on my own terms.

At times I have been treated like one of Pablo Escobar’s hippos…..originally introduced to brighten up the place but now seen as a grave error of judgement. But I am hoping that by pledging my yacht for just £500 per ride for flood victims people will now start to see me in a different light’.

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