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Welsh football fans bracing for 'peak patronisation'

Welsh football fans say they are at risk from being overwhelmed by a tidal wave of patronising English coverage of their first men's football World Cup finals campaign since Tom Jones was a boyo.

One Ingurland fan lit a firework inappropriately before noting 'My favourite other UK home nations team to support is the Republic of Ireland. Somehow I also feel comfortable doing the accent. To be sure, begorra. Or is that Northern Ireland? Are they the same? When Ingurland play in Belfast, using British national anthem is totally fine.'

'Anyway after Ingurland have easily won our World Cup - beating the Krauts and/or the Argies 9-0 along the way - we will set free any migrant workers in Qatar still alive, so that we can be furious at the same people when they try to cross the Channel in a dinghy.'



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