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Westminster's red traffic light to Scotland’s driving licence age reduction bill may fuel SNP

While young Scottish drivers express road rage at intervention, critics doubt the oncoming legal battle will shed any more full beam illumination.

On Wednesday morning, Scottish secretary, Mack Alister, said that he will show the red stop light to Scotland’s driving licence minimum age reduction bill – which simplifies the route by which individuals qualify to drive and lowers the age of application to five.

“I can’t even be angry, it’s just stupid, said eight-year-old Simon, who wants to start driving on public roads. “The UK government are making a great case for independent suspension: they’re indicating a complete lack of respect towards both drivers and Scotland.”

"They are behaving like five-year-olds," said Simon. "And they are driving Scotland right out of the Union. It will brake it up. It's a total car crash."

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