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Associated Press asked 'why no photo kill notice on all images of Piers Morgan?'

Millions of people around the planet are somewhat dumbfounded by the media's choices of which snaps have something so heinously wrong with them that they need to be retracted, when others are apparently perfectly fine. Of all the photos in the world, a kill notice on one of a mother with her children? Really?

What about every single image of 'innocent' presidential candidate Donald Trump?

Those pics of Vladimir Putin, winner of a 'free and fair' Russian election?

And there's a chap in Downing Street claiming to be Prime Minister when only a handful of chums voted him in.

'Right, Honorable' Member of Parliament, Chris Pincher, when there was a lot more touching up going on?

And what about Member of European Parliament Nigel Farage standing in front of a clearly doctored massive image of 'millions of people queuing to enter the UK' right before Brexit? That one was OK was it?

But if you ever come into possession of a photo of a £37 billion world-beating track and trace system, do let the Brits know.

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