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Billericay boy, Barry, boasts Brexit brought bountiful, bright, better Britain

Billericay Costermonger, Barry Shyte, is a man on a mission to highlight every last Brexit Benefit that's come the UK's way since June 24th 2016.

'It's been bloody brilliant, ain't it?' enthuses the fifty-five year-old fruit and veg man from behind his stall in the marketplace. 'Some say we're in a much worse position as regards all this global trading stuff and that. But I don't buy that old pony. It's bleedin' Project Fear all over again.'

When asked to name one single tangible benefit Barry said, 'Well there's the... erm... No hang on. Ah, what about stopping all them old foreigners and refu... no I can't say that, can I? Cos of the woke brigade and do-gooders whinging on.

'Got it. I read we're now able to control the minting of sovereigns with the new King on them, or summink like that. Gotcha there mate, didn't I? Them Brussels Bureaucrats wudda put the kybosh on that. I say - Bring back Boris!'

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