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Britain's next Prime Minister to be decided by Christmas raffle

As Rishi Sunak approaches the mid-way point of his 44 days allocated as British Prime Minister, the members of the conservative party's 1922 Committee have begun preparations for selecting his successor. Each person who would like to be considered for the top job will be given an ice cream tub filled with raffle tickets to sell.

Whomever sells the winning ticket will become the next Prime Minister, with the person who sells the most tickets being guaranteed the role of Deputy Prime Minister, should they fail the win the first prize.

In an unusually charitable act, all funds raised by the sale of raffle tickets will be kindly donated to the Labour party, via their Kickstarter campaign to pay for their leader, Kier Starmer's personality transplant.

When asked for comment, justice secretary Dominic Raab replied 'How many shall I put you down for?

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