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Chris Packham's crime spree starts with bank job

Claiming to raise awareness over climate issues, the activist has just used it as an excuse to pinch hubcaps, vandalize a scout hut and punch a badger. Promising to break the law to save the environment, all he seems to have done so far, is threaten an elderly passersby and pocket pic'n'mix from the local corner shop.

Terrorizing his neighbourhood, Packham has hijacked a local skate park, to sell weed to sixth formers and set fire to bins. His criminal enterprise will only stop when the earth is saved or when he gets nicked for soliciting.

Targetted acts have ended up indiscriminate crimes, culminating with him having graffitied a family of otters. Police have caught him stealing traffic cones and daring his mates to trespass on the railway line. The BBC said 'It's not Spring Watch, it's Neighbourhood Watch.

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