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Clock change raises prospect of PM being sacked before they have been hired

There is concern in the Government that the upcoming British Summertime clock change could result in Prime Ministers being removed from office before they have officially started.

With the 30th October date close to the official new Tory Leadership announcement then any significant delay could cause acute embarrassment. Should the new PM be announced within the hour of the clocks being put back an hour, then if normal service continues and they are sacked around 30 minutes after being announced, they would technically have been dismissed from office before they actually started, a new low for the party's reputation.

"Yes, we know, and we are worried.", a backbencher told reporters today. "It's unlikely: our PMs are lasting a couple of hours currently on average before their support collapses, but the clock change could leave us in the 'Stephen Hawking' position. We're really trying to go for a unity candidate that can make it to just over an hour, then their time in office would at least be measurable."

Meanwhile Jacob-Rees Mogg's department confirmed they were considering the construction of a permanent lectern outside number 10 as the cost of having it continually wheeled out every few hours for the next resignation and then coronation speeches were eating into his government efficiency savings plan. "We said we would lower costs, and here's evidence we are delivering on that promise." said the department today as workman assembled a 'Törry Kayös' flat packed lectern picked up from the nearby IKEA.

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