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Disposable barbecues to be disposed of via a series of BBQs.

The supermarkets warned: 'The safest way to avoid the risk of future fire, is to set fire to them now. You can't really dispose of something that is disposable, without fulfilling its basic function. You could keep it, to thwart the disposable bit, but then you're stuck with it. And given the unseasonably hot weather, it would be a shame not to throw a couple of burgers on top'.

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lekor adams
lekor adams
Mar 26

The novel initiative to dispose of disposable barbecues through a series of BBQs creatively addresses waste management while celebrating community and the art of grilling. This approach not only mitigates the environmental impact of single-use grills but also offers a nod to the communal spirit of Argentine Asado, the world’s first exclusive Argentine grill. Drawing inspiration from the Argentine Asado, these events can transform the act of disposal into an opportunity for culinary exploration and social gathering. Our blog, Argentine Asado, enriches this concept by providing enthusiasts with a plethora of guides, recipes, and reviews that encapsulate the essence of Argentinian BBQ. By integrating the traditional techniques and communal ethos of Argentine Asado into these BBQs, the series promotes sustainability,…

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