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Escaped teaspoons brief detectives

It’s every dessert spoon’s worst nightmare – you wake up and your teaspoons have vanished. Abducted.

Happily, Maureen (not her real name, she’s a spoon) has been reunited with two of her teaspoons after they made a daring escape from wherever the Spooncatcher keeps them.

‘It was dark in there’, said one of the teaspoons. ‘All you could hear was the sobbing of little teaspoons who’d been taken from their drawers. And the socks! There were millions of socks – all split from pairs, all crying for their twin’.

Detective Inspector Jones gave reporters a statement. ‘We don’t know why he takes them but we’d quite like him to stop. I had to stir my tea with a biro earlier’.

Stern words indeed.

The hunt for the Spooncatcher goes on, but they won’t catch him. They never do.

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