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EXCLUSIVE: deadly spy at the heart of Westminster corridors of power NAMED

Chinese authorities have confirmed that a spy, operating at the heart of British government, has breached the highest levels of security and poses a clear and present danger to the nation.

A senior Chinese official confirmed, 'We have identified the spy in question and name her as Liz Truss. She has infiltrated UK politics and has done more damage to Britain than any other subversive individual in history. Working together with another as yet unnamed operative, she destroyed the UK economy in an astonishingly short period of time.

'Although she has close links to Chinese pork markets, she is not actually a Chinese spy on our hidden books. She has, however, single-handedly done more damage to one of our enemies than our entire clandestine community in its entire history of operation. For that, we wish to award her our highest honour: the Chinese medal of meddling.'

Image: Chris Yang (@chrisyangchrisfilm) | Unsplash Photo Community

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