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Fundamentalist Atheists storm nowhere, demand nothing, massacre no-one

The world was united in ambivalence yet again, this morning, as reports hit that Fundamentalist Atheists yet again did not storm anywhere demanding anything and in the process of this, killed no-one.

Whilst there was no announcement from the loosely branded organisation, World leaders seemed unphased and yet again failed to condemn their co-ordinated inaction. Religious leaders seemed almost united in their outrage with the Pope opining that the Atheists were "amateurs" and mused as to how they could get their message out there if they are not willing to abuse, maim or indoctrinate. A spokes-terrorist from The Islamic State said, "if we could find them, we'd wipe these people from the face of the Earth. We can't have them nonchalantly spreading a messaging of inadvertent tolerance and co-operation!"

We approached an atheist in Maidstone today and asked him to explain his inaction and he told us, "I'm just having a cup of coffee, mate." He again reinforced the stereotype of Atheist Fundamentalists just sitting about, getting on with their day not judging people based on anything but the content of their characters. He didn't even have a leaflet to tell me how to live my life. These people live among us.

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Jan 14

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