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Government inspire BBC to revive 'Game for a Laugh'

The BBC has announced plans for a new series of Game For A Laugh focused exclusively on the running of the Conservative Government.

There is suspicion filming may already have been running for some time, with rumour abound that Peter Beadle, the late host Jeremy's son, will in fact interrupt Liz Truss's speech today to let her know that her appointment as Prime Minister was only done at the request of her husband, who wanted her out of the house a bit more and thought it might be quite funny to install her as the country's most powerful person.

Primed to deliver the famous question to the PM, "are you game for a laugh?", Ms Truss is also unaware that Kwasi Kwarteng in fact is not the Cambridge educated economist and friend she has known for 20 years, but in fact his twin brother, Kevin, who was a full-time chef from Beckingham until the BBC had him installed as chancellor. Mr Kwarteng intends to walk out with Mr Beadle as he apparently 'can't wait' to see Ms Truss burst out laughing when she finds out.

"I'm looking forward to getting back to cooking again" enthused Mr Kwarteng, "I've found all these numbers a bit of a mystery to be honest. But then again, if you'd been unfortunate enough to be eating down the Beckingham Grand Hotel in the last six weeks, you'd have had Kwasi's cooking, and I think what I've done to the country pales into insignificance compared to that."

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