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Jeremy Corbyn targeted by "honeytrap" plot

The Islington Labour figure targeted by a "honeytrap" plot has been identified as former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn says he was approached by a shadowy figure while tending to his allotment over the weekend.

"He said I had a very nice allotment, but it was rather small, and he could help me with that. He said he had influence with the officials who allocated them, and he happened to know of a large plot that would soon become available, due to the previous owner meeting with an unfortunate accident.

"Not only was the allotment bigger than mine, it also had a very nice bench, and a little shed where I could store my tools, so I didn't have to bring them with me every time.

"All he wanted in return was that I should agree to meet a certain group of 'investors' he represents, with a view to developing a working relationship that would be profitable for all concerned.

"Of course, I told him I was perfectly happy with the allotment I have - it's a nice sunny spot, and I don't have time to manage a bigger plot anyway. Seeing that I couldn't be bought, he turned to crude threats. He said my radishes were doing very well, and it would be a terrible shame if slugs got at them.

"Then he walked away, trampling all over my neighbour Reg's runner beans, just to show he meant business."

Mr Corbyn's vegetables have now been given 24 hour police protection, apart from Diane Abbott who had it anyway as MP for Hackney North.

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