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Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Are you an impoverished Tory MP looking to top up your measly £82,000 annual salary?

Frustrated by the lack of opportunities to offer your expert insight on the gambling, tobacco and health sectors to companies in, tobacco and health sectors?

Are you able to suggest a daily consultancy rate of at least £2,000 a day for supposedly just attending a board meeting, whilst keeping a straight face at all times?

Then come and register with, the new second jobs platform for Conservative MPs. We can put you in touch with the biggest big businesses and the greasiest lobbyists.

All you need to do is upload your CV, clearly indicating which select committees and task forces you currently serve on. You should also upload at least one example of a sponsored blog you have written on either the dangers of over-regulation, or the advantages of the private sector winning government COVID contracts. Please also indicate any preferences you have for working in sunny tax havens.

We will connect you with our vast network of CEOs, dodgy governments and regulatory influencers. You could soon be topping up your salary and your suntan. We don't like the word 'lobby', although admittedly some payments for your work may be handed to you in a dimly lit hotel lobby, in a brown envelope.

' - less of a platform and more of a trough'.

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