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Lee's 'not a racist', except yes, yes he is

Lee 'I'm not a racist but...' main employer is GBNews. He makes more money from being racist for them than he does being racist as an MP for Hate-on-Sea - 30p-ieces of silver more at least.

A GBNews spokesgammon shouted: 'You can't say anything any more, even though our entire network does... incessantly. We believe in freedom of racism. I mean freedom of racist speech. I mean... no that is what I mean. If anything, Lee is a bit liberal for our taste. How dare you call our 24/7 racism 'racism'. '

Lee himself still claims not to be a racist and that his entire career of being racist whilst doing and saying racist things in a public forum is only borne out of him being a massive, massive racist.

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