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Most common password now J66abe???£8d9d9d9d9d)%!

Bill Graham, a cyber security expert, has cautioned against people using ultra-obvious passwords.

'I've been in the cyber security business for over thirty years,' he said today, 'When I started out the most popular passwords were "password" and "1234".  Over the years the industry has been insisting that users choose passwords that aren't easy to guess, have at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number and at least one non-alpha-numeric character.  And has at least 20 characters.

'Research has shown that J66abe???£8d9d9d9d9d)%! is now the most common password in use today.  Trust me, it will be hacked in seconds,' said Bill, who admitted his most recent password is 'BillGrahamJ66abe???£8d9d9d9d9d)%!'.  'Nobody would guess that one,' he said proudly.  'You're not going to publish this?' he asked.

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