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MPs fail to declare MP’s salary – ‘as they haven’t earnt it’

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Among all their passive incomes, second jobs and consultancy, MPs seem to have forgotten what their day job is – other than putting in expenses claims. When asked what they thought the £80,000 salary was for, most replied: ‘New ties?’.

In the Register of Members’ Financial Interests, one Minister said: ‘Yes, please, I'm interested in money – where can get some more?’. The other top three financial interests were said to be a postal address at the Cayman Islands, Nazi gold and the whereabouts Captain Flint’s treasure.

Another MP denied obtaining money under false pretences: ‘I’m paid to sit in the House of Commons, which is what I do. I sit. I stand. Sometimes I even have a little wander around’.

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